Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm a gold digger

My sister-in-law called me Wednesday and told me about an adult reading program at the local library. If you fulfill the requirements (which are easy things like donate items to a good cause, tell a friend about the library, read a book...), you get a gold membership card.

When she told me that, I literally went, "Oooooooh, a gold membership!" And then I had to stop and think. "What's a gold membership?"

Well, I was not disappointed with the answer. It's a normal library card, but you have no fees on your account for a year! I don't often incur fines on my account, but that's because when I know I can't finish my book, I take it back to the library. Unread. Incomplete. Unfinished. I'll never know what happens (never mind that I can just renew it or check it out again). But on rare occasion when I simply must know the end, I take it back a day or two late, paying the $.20 per day.

So now I can finish my books with no fear of penalty! And not only that, I can check out movies for however long I want! Ok, I won't abuse the system, I promise. But still, that's pretty cool, huh?

Gold membership, here I come! Pin It