Friday, August 1, 2008

A very special thank you.

I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank for refusing to ship my copy of Breaking Dawn until sometime mid-September.

Of course this news was quite distressing when I first discovered it Wednesday morning. Fortunately for me though, I found out early enough that I was able to do something about it.

So I showered, brushed my hair and teeth, and jumped in my car. I drove down to our local book store and pre-purchased my copy of Breaking Dawn.

It's true I had to spend a few extra dollars. But to me it's worth it. Why is it worth it? And why am I thanking when I should be cursing them?

Well, first of all, I was not about to wait two months for the book when I could have it in a matter of days. Hours is more like it now. Nine hours and forty-seven minutes to be exact, but who's counting. So it was worth it to me to spend the extra money to have my copy now rather than have to wait for it.

I believe deserves my gratitude because if they had shipped and promised to deliver my book tomorrow, I wouldn't have the opportunity to go to a Breaking Dawn party tonight. I would never dream of it. What's the point? I'll feel like a dork. I'm 24 and going to a Breaking Dawn party? I'll look like an idiot (besides the fact that I can pass off as a teenager so no one would give me a second glance).

But now since I can get my book right at midnight, you can rest assured I will be there at midnight. Standing in line. Tapping my foot. Waiting anxiously until I have the book in my hands. And since I'm going to be there anyway, shouldn't I at least go a little earlier and enjoy the festivities? Seriously, there is going to be an Edward-Jacob debate and everything.

Luckily for me my sister-in-law is back in town, other wise I would have had to drag hubby down to the party, and you can imagine how much fun that would have been. I'll give the guy credit. He said he'd go with me if my SIL couldn't, but he really preferred not to. What a trooper!

My SIL and I agreed though, we will not dress up. At first I couldn't think of any way to dress up like a character since they all look normal. But now that my noggin has been plunking away at it, I've come up with a few ideas. But I won't tell you my ideas to save myself the embarrassment. They're not as cool as my sister's idea to spray herself with glitter to look like a vampire in the sun.

Anyway. We're gonna have an awesome time tonight! It wouldn't have been possible without my special friend. Thanks again, Amazon. You're the best! Pin It


wasillabillie1 said...

wow this must be some book, Sarah and Jourdan are going to the Vampire Prom tonight and then at midnight they will be at the front door of the bookstore to get their book. Have fun and enjoy
love and hugs

Kadie said...

I'm sorry that it wasn't more fun last night! Besides the fact that their "party" wasn't a party at all, I'm sorry I wasn't the most chipper at that time of night. Oh well. The important thing is that you got "the book."