Monday, March 16, 2009

Today is the day...supposedly (updated)

I find out today if my book made it to the ABNA quarterfinalists. But as of 8:12am my time, I have yet to receive any notification of my book's status.

Later today (supposedly) the quarterfinalists will be announced on You can download excerpts and vote to see who will make it to the semifinalists and the finalists. So I'd recommend you do that, regardless of whether or not I make it. But hopefully I will:)

Cheers! (And keep your fingers crossed for me!!)


It's 9:27pm. I have still heard nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Zip.

I'm going to bed. Pin It


Maura said...

I've kept my fingers crossed all along! I really hope you hear back soon. The waiting is the worst! I think.

Love ya.

Dena said...

I am chewing my finger nails in anticipation...

Be sure to let us know the outcome of your manuscript!

jnkeller said...

I really don't like waiting with my nerves all charged up with electricity. I hope you do better than you hoped. :)

G said...

If I read correctly you are a quarter finalist. I read a couple of reviews on on your submission. So very proud of you
love and hugs

G said...

yep went back to Amazon and it said you are one of the 500 quarter finalists and I guess you will have to wait until April 15th for the results from this section. How about that? Good going,
love you