Thursday, November 4, 2010

Want to help me with my book?

I'm in the middle of a brainstorming session, but I feel like this is more of a brain sprinkle than storm.

I need help.

Here's what I'm looking for: I need ideas on supernatural abilities a person might have. They can be big or little, though mostly little. Here are some examples:

The ability to-

Sing birds out of trees and make them go wherever you want
Spark a fire with a snap of your fingers
Turn water into wheat
Control a small amount of wind
Grow a potato instantly in your hands
Turn air into music

Tell if a person is lying or telling the truth simply by looking at them.
Control a person's thoughts

The setting is in a medieval type world. No technology and such. If you have any ideas to share, that would be welcome. If not, that's cool. I hope you enjoyed a few random things that may or may not appear in my book.

If you are shy about posting your ideas online, I completely understand. You are welcome to email me! But please, only give me ideas you won't mind if I use in my story. If you have a great idea but don't want me to use it, then wait until I'm done writing this book and then tell me - with the strict instructions that it's for entertainment purposes and not personal use.

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Kadie said...

Well this is a huge one, but what about being a chameleon and being able to change your appearance?

Or what about being able to understand and speak other languages?

Or being able to change the weather?

Or being able to change the past but only a few minutes back in time?

And yes I'm totally not original and I got these ideas from X-Men, Tennis Shoes and Nephites series, and the Prince of Persia. Not sure where the weather one came from but I'm sure it's from somewhere too. Haha!

Feliz Family Postings said...

how about feelings, you know, when you are sound asleep and you are awaken by a voice calling out to you "MOM" that happened to me the other night around 3:30 am, sounded so real and let me tell you that freaked me out. It has happened to me before and usually it was because it did happen, what is it called mental telapathy (?) spelling. Anyway, that is my help, not much. Good luck.

Logan Family est 2003 said...

are you looking for a villian's ability or a hero's ability?

Deborah said...

Neither, really. It's not something that will be USED necessarily. Just explained. All of these things can be used for good or bad, so that's kind of what I'm looking for. Something that could go either way.

Logan Family est 2003 said...

well, you have your biblical powers (i.e. controling of the elements - water, land, bugs, etc. like parting the sea, making swarms of locus, etc.). Then there is always like others said telepathy, dream walking, causing objects to float or move with the mind, the wind to blow and cover tracks, communicating with people across far spances of land and time, controlling people/animals with the mind, talking with animals, forseeing the future or the past and being able to decifer what events caused the future to be what it was and knowing which thread of mystakes or good choices in the past lead to that event and being able to minipulate it. Causing things to grow or die with a single touch. Bringing things back to life after they are dead or killing someone with that same power. Forcing people to fall in love. Forcing people to not remember or to change their minds without knowing why or how. So I guess that means just control of objects or things. Breath under water. Fly. Walk on water or in the air. Master of disguises. Healing (like a witch doctor or an herbal person). Fire control. Morphing animals (for example a wolf is attaching and having the ability to change it into a harmless mouse). Ability to cause diseases. Baby soother (like for colic or something). Water detector (knows where water is and can bring it to the surface even when it looks like nothing is around for miles). Prophet type person that can talk, communicate with those outside the world of our knowing. Sound morpher - the ability to use sound waves to control or destroy. ABility to speed read. To hold breath for long periods of time. To walk through fire or withstand the fires burn. To move water. To cause wind. To cause people to forget... Okay, I think I am starting to repeat myself... Hope some of those help or atleast get the litterary juices flowing. :-) Good Luck. :-) P.S. Sorry for not being able to spell... I so stink at that! :-)

Maura said...

The ability to see past and future events associated to a person or object.

ability to go back in time even if only for a few minutes

touch and object to bring it 'to life'

a song give life force or take it away

ability to talk to the land/tree's/water to change shape or direction.

thats pretty much all I gots for now. I'll send some more your way if I think of any. I hope you get what your looking for. :)

Julia said...

Okay after reading all the great posts on here.... I've got nothing... an emapthic?...ugh, sorry that is all I have :0-( Good luck.

Meagan Berry said...

How about Memory manipulation, like make them have memories of things that have never actually occurred? Being able to temporarily paralyze someone?

I have often thought of what powers I would like to have. Personally, mind reading, being able to teleport, and the power to locate anyone, any where with just focusing on that person would be incredible!

moma berry said...

The superpower i thought about for you is the ability to see the future thru dreams. Sometimes it freaks you out and sometimes it doesn't come true(thankfully) but there are those times that you know things before they happen and it confirms to you that it was meant to be and is very comforting and other times it is just very random and you wonder why you had to know before it happened. yes i am my daughter's mother. Random. Hope all is well with you and your family.