Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Review: Parallel (Travelers Series #1), by Claudia Lefeve

Destiny has a way of catching up.

Saddled with powers she doesn't understand, Etta Fleming's world is turned upside-down the day she meets Cooper Everett, the man who transports her to an alternate reality. A reality she was meant to be a part of.

One minute, she's an orphan living at Dominion House for Girls, an institution for delinquent foster kids, then finds herself attending the exclusive Dominion Hall Academy.

Plucked from the only world she's ever known, Etta now has to deal with an aunt she never knew, a boyfriend she doesn't know, and a best friend who can't know.

PARALLEL is the first book in the Travelers Series.


This was a fascinating story.  The concept was completely new to me.  I have never read a time traveling/reality jumping book before.  

I dove right into the story and enjoyed all the twists and turns until the very last page.  Etta seemed a bit like every other YA heroine, but the concept behind the book was interesting enough that it didn't bother me too much.  There was a bit of a love triangle, most of which I found unrealistic.  I really liked Cooper, but I just didn't believe that after meeting him a couple times Etta would be trying to decide between him and a guy that she's had a crush on for years.  

Cooper is mysterious, handsome, and generally just a good hero.  I fell in love with him as Etta's obvious preference for him emerges and as his character develops.  

The part I liked the most was when Cooper takes Etta to another reality and dumps her at her Aunts house and essentially tells her "good luck".  She has to maneuver her way through a world where everyone has memories of her, and she knows nothing about them.  It was interesting to speculate what it would be like in that situation.

My biggest complaint was the editing.  Typos and spelling mistakes galore!  There were sentences with two or three typos in them.  I found the explanations of the alternate realities and various versions of the same person to be confusing.  Interesting, sure, but confusing.  And I wasn't really all that fond of Etta.  I wish she had been more likeable.  

This was the first book in a trilogy.  It is FREE for Kindle readers right now, so if time/reality travel is a genre that you like, this might be worth checking out.

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Publisher: Sugar Skull Books; 1 edition (August 26, 2011)
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Nickie said...

That does sound like an interesting concept -- so many potential conflicts. I like how she has to hide who she is, even though she's (kind of) the same person.

But oh my friggin' goodness do typos make me crazy! The plot sounds good enough that I might give this one a shot, but usually if I spot a bunch of errors I end up setting the book aside.

Dena McMurdie said...

I'm the same way with typos. Sometimes I just have to put the book away, but other times I am able to look past them enough to enjoy the story.