Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching Fire

Have you ever read a book, and when you were done you were practically on the verge of pulling your hair out because you wanted to know what happened next?

And have you ever read the sequel to such a book and when you devoured every word printed within it's pages you just couldn't bear to close it because you don't know how you'll stand the next year waiting for the final book?

It doesn't happen to me too often, but it happened with the Twilight series, the Eragon saga, and now the Hunger Games books. You must read these books. They are so awesome and disturbing at the same time. I can't tell you more than that, but I must stress the disturbing factor. Read the descriptions here and here and you'll realize why I say that.

You'll love and hate Katniss in the first book (emphasis on the hate), and love and forgive her in the second book.

But most of all, you'll beg for more.

I would know. I was on the waiting list for 6 weeks before I got my copy from the library...and they bought 20 books.
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Maura said...

no way...I'm not reading them until the last book comes out. You got me hooked on Twilight series before all the books came out and it just about killed me! :)

thanks for the info though, I need a good read. Get me in the mood to write. :)

Dena said...

Please don't tell me about books that are going to make me obsessed and stay up until all hours of the night because I can't stop reading! I'm STILL staying up late reading Twilight! I can't add another one or I'll never get any sleep ;)