Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teaser Tuesday -1-

 Teaser Tuesday: Pick up the book you are reading. Flip to a random page. Share two - spoiler free! - sentences (teasers) from that page. Be sure to include the author and book names so intrigued readers will know what to check out.

So, I've seen the concept of TT before, but I've never done it. For some reason, today I'm feeling sassy. I wanted to participate, but since I'm not really "reading" anything, just editing, I guess that means you get to see quotes from my work.


Here we go...

THE GIFTED by Deborah Andreasen

1. “You want answers? Guess what, so do I.” I cross my arms and sit back in my chair, feeling rather sassy.
2.  I look up and meet Kael’s anxious gaze. It surprises me that he is so excited to hear the terrible tale of my death.

It probably would have been better if it came from a real live published author...but like I said. I'm not reading anything right now but my own work. So you're stuck with Teasers from me. And you might notice that I said I was feeling sassy, and then so did my main character. That was NOT intentional. I guess we're just more alike than I thought. :)

Want to play along? I'd love it if you did. That way I'd know what good books to read. Pin It


Kadie said...

I'm only a chapter into this book, but I'll do this anyways. :)

FOREST BORN by Shannon Hale:

"Ask me."
And so Rin was surprised into saying exactly what she was thinking. "Could you hug me?"


But she could not shy away from the same thoughts grinding in her head: hide yourself, try not to be who you are, you don't belong in this good family, even the trees think you're all wrong, you've got to go away, away.

Julia said...

ummmm Deborah I could not agree with you any less! That excerpt stands on it's own. "real life publisher" or not you are an AWESOME Story Teller. PERIOD.

ps now I have to send lovies because that sounded harsh!