Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky

From Goodreads: When Louise Lambert receives a mysterious invitation to a traveling vintage fashion sale in the mail, her normal life in suburban Connecticut is magically transformed into a time traveling adventure.

After a brief encounter with two witchy salesladies and donning an evening gown that once belonged to a beautiful silent film star, Louise suddenly finds herself on board a luxurious cruise ship in 1912. As Alice Baxter, the silent film star, Louise enjoys her access to an extensive closet of gorgeous vintage gowns and begins to get a feel for the challenges and the glamor of life during this decadent era. Until she realizes that she's not just on any ship-- she's on the Titanic!

Will Louise be able to save herself and change the course of history, or are she and her film star alter ego, destined to go down with a sinking ship in the most infamous sea disaster of the 20th century?


I don’t know why, but I didn’t know this was a middle grade book when I started. So I was shocked to find out Louise was only twelve. That aside, the book was well written. The characters were unique and I was fascinated by Louise. I was very much her opposite when I was that age. For that reason, I had a hard time identifying with her character.

However, I’ve always been interested in the Titanic, so that was definitely a plus. I thought the illustrations were amazing. I’m glad they were included because I had a hard time visualizing the elaborate fashions described.

I did think the book was a little slow paced, but I was happy with the ending.

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Poppy; 1 edition (April 5, 2011)
  • Source: Giveaway
  • Amazon
  • Goodreads
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Rachel Brooks said...

This is such a beautiful, fun cover! It's too bad you felt the book moved too slow, but it sounds like a good read.

Also, I’m a new follower— wonderful blog! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)