Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Hush Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick

From Goodreads:
For Nora Grey, romance was not part of the plan. At least, not until Patch came along. With his easy smile and probing eyes, Nora is drawn to him against her better judgment. But after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora’s not sure who to trust—she can’t decide whether she should fall into Patch’s arms or run and hide from him. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth more unsettling than any feeling Patch evokes. For Nora stands amid an ancient battle between the immortal and those who have fallen—and choosing the wrong side will cost her life.


You never know if you are going to love or hate any book that you pick up.  This was a little of both for me. 

What I loved:
I loved the writing.  It was clear, concise, and interesting.  The story moved along at a good pace and I didn't meet with any slow parts that I had to struggle through. 

I loved the hallucinations/mind manipulating that happened to the protagonist, Nora.  That was something that I hadn't encountered in a book before, and it really added an edge to the mystery. 

I loved Nora's lack of coordination.  I liked how she was a little bit of a nerd, and a little self conscious.  She was scatterbrained enough to make her enjoyable. 

I absolutely loved the cover.  The black and white is beautiful and gives it a surreal feeling.  

What I didn't love:
I didn't love the love story.  That was the main point of the book, so it was unfortunate that I didn't connect with it.  Maybe I have read too many YA novels lately, but the whole premise for the romance seemed cliche and overdone.  It was a typical girl meets a dangerous and mysterious boy that she knows is wrong for her.  He scares her, and yet she just can't seem to stay away from him.  She eventually finds out that he is immortal, possesses superhuman powers, and wanted to kill her until he fell desperately in love with her. 

I didn't love Patch, the fallen angel boyfriend.  He was rude, evasive, and arrogant.  Nora was a little clueless.  She thought Patch was stalking her, and worried about her safety when she was with him, and yet she was obsessed with him.

And I didn't love all the talk of sex.  There was SO much of it.  There were a lot of innuendos spread throughout the book.   At one point, the two of them even check in to a motel together when the electricity goes down.  I am more a fan of squeaky clean romance.

Reading level: Ages 14 and up
Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers (October 13, 2009)
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mariusreads said...

great review! got my copy of Hush, Hush for only $4.99 <3 <3 I can't wait to read this one. :D

- marius @ Forever YA

Nickie said...

Hmm, I'm with you, I think that sometimes the romance angle is overdone. It has to be fresh and believable for me to get sucked in to a love story -- I don't want to read a dozen more variations on Bella and Edward.

I'm a new follower -- I found your blog through bookblogs. Mine is nickieanderson.blogspot.com

Dena said...

My thoughts exactly Nickie.