Saturday, February 2, 2013

In case you didn't know, I'm actually an author.

Hola. I just wanted to take a break from ALL the reviewing I've been doing to give you an update on what's going on with my writing.

I say "all" because I mean "all." I haven't posted a review in like six months, no joke. Dena has doing all the reviews, and she's doing an amazing job. Be sure to leave a comment on her reviews to let her know. I also have some reviews coming from a guest reviewers. Stay tuned for those as well.

So. It has officially been nearly two years since I published The Gifted. I took some time off from writing to figure out the business side of being an author, and then I had a baby. Then I had to figure out how on earth to raise two children instead of one. When I felt like I had a sort of idea of what I was doing, it was finally time to write a sequel to The Gifted.

It's "only" taken me about 8 months to bang out the rough draft, but I've done it! The Betrayed is now in the editing process. I don't have a cover to reveal quite yet, but I will soon. We finally found a picture of Hunter (as he's the main character of The Betrayed) after sifting through literally thousands of pictures. 

At the moment I'm just waiting for the revisions to come back from my editors. I felt so excited about The Betrayed, I started work on the third and final book in the series while I wait. That's good news because it won't take another two years to publish the next installment.

After that? I already have another book in the works. That makes three, count 'em, three books I'm working on at the same time. This third book is going to be totally different than anything I've done, and I feel like I have an original idea here. Mainly because I did a bit of research and found nothing on the type of character I want. I had to create his race of beings as well as the background legends that accompany him. That was pretty fun.

Anyway. I just wanted you all to know that while Dena works hard reviewing books, I'm working hard to write them. I actually have a few book reviews in the works, and Dena has been writing as well. So I guess we both wear a few hats. The difference is she's a world renowned artist, and I'm...not. ;)

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Dena McMurdie said...

So excited that The Betrayed will be out soon! Good luck Deborah!

Ruthykins said...

can't wait to read the new book!

KT said...

hooray for new books! I am super excited that there is already a new ...series? standalone? something! in the works!

Heather said...

YAY! I'm going to have to back and read The Gifted to refresh my memory! Can't wait.