Monday, April 20, 2009

Who? Me? Never.

If you can imagine me, sitting at my computer in a bright green sweater with my hair up in a bun, you will also see that I am rolling my eyes and crossing my arms. (It's difficult to imagine since I'm also typing, but pretend I'm not typing, just throwing a fit.)

This is me in denial.

I just got my Publisher's Weekly review for my book. Apparently it's been on my stinkin' site since yesterday and I just didn't even see it. But I read a lot of people on amazon commenting about their PW reviews and thought, "Hey! Where's mine?" So I went looking and voila. It was on my webpage under editorial reviews...go figure.

So, for those of you who are biting your nails to figure out what on EARTH is going to happen next...the nice man (or woman) at Publisher's Weekly has written the Reader's Digest version for all the world to see. And here it is.

"From Publishers Weekly

"With its odd character names and troubled teenage protagonists, this competent contemporary fantasy aims straight for the “Twilight” audience. “Miracle child” Pyper Wynn drowned and came back to life but she came back with amazing powers. Hiding her telekinetic abilities has made her into a social outcast; her best friend is her little brother, Baler. When Kael, the hottest guy in her high school class, shows interest in her, Pyper’s sure it’s a set-up but his persistence wears down her resistance and he has her mom’s seal of approval. Then Pyper meets Kael’s mom and discovers they are Fae. They tell Pyper that she is the Gifted, the champion born to fight for them in the epic battle to choose the new King of the Fae. Relieved to know there’s a reason for her talents, Pyper begins to train for the upcoming battle but Kael’s warning to tell no one, especially Baler, creates some misgivings. As the battle draws near, Pyper’s questions about her place in the Fae world as well as her relationship with Kael must take second place to taking action, no matter the cost to herself. This gritty YA fantasy manages to smoothly blend modern teenage angst with enough elements of the fantastic to make an entertaining, if somewhat melodramatic, read."

So. There you have it. Now you know. Unless you don't know. And if you don't know, then I'll tell you. Fae = fairy. Yes, The Gifted is about fairies. I'm just relieved he didn't tell you the end!!

I only hope your not disappointed. I cringe at the thought, and then I remember I'm not that should count for something.

I was delighted to discover that The Gifted would appeal to "Twilight" fans, being a Twi-hard Fan-pire myself. But I completely skipped over all the good stuff, like "competent," "entertaining," "smoothly blend" and went straight for the guts. The bullet at the end of the shiny barrel.


He called me melodramatic. Me.

Ok. Fine. I'm melodramatic. But did you have to say it for everyone to see?! Sheesh. Give me a little privacy, allow me a shred of pride, please.

But in the end, my feelings were hurt for only a second until I realized a) the review is about The Gifted, not me. And b) a synonym for melodramatic is sensational.

Ha! I'll take it. I'll take my mediocre review and frame it on my virtual wall for all to see.

So there.

PS. I never ever, ever, ever said Kael was the "hottest guy in her high school class." That's enough cliche to make me barf. Seriously.

PPS. If you've ever written a novel or story of any kind you will find that characters tend to come with names. I don't love the name Pyper. I fought it tooth and nail...and I lost. That was her dagum name and I can't help it if it's odd. But quite frankly, so is she. So there you go.

The Last PS. I promise. I completely ignored "gritty" because it could mean course and rough, or it could mean determined, resolute, courageous. How on earth am I supposed to know which one it is? So I'm ignoring it completely before I give myself a complex. Pin It


Maura said...

if I didn't know you or the book and read that review I would think it was a good review and make me interested in the book..... seriously the minute he or she said Twilight fans I would have been there.

I think its awesome. Far more then a lot of people would have accomplished. I think you are doing great!

G said...

can you imagine being compared to one of the most popular new series? Twlight, WOW WOW WOW, that means you have potential, keep it up.
love you lots

Logan Family est 2003 said...

That review wasn't as bad as you think. It did reveal to much, which would have made me mad to, but what can you do? I have to agree with everyone else who's commented, they said it all just perfectly. Also, I remember watching something about Stephanie Meyler about how she can recieve 1000's upon 1000's of good reviews, but it is the one negative review that she thinks about and lets it eat her away. I don't care what reviewers say, they know jack crap. Crap-olaa, whenever someone says "I give it two thumbs down" I go, "GREAT! I will love it!" It is up to the audience to tell if it is any good, and like "G" said, once they see "Twilight" in the review, they will be sucked and and will not put your book down. I loved what I have read so far, so TRY to ignore the "negatives" in the comment (I don't know if I would either, I would be very much like Stephanie), and look at the possitive, especially the one that says you are comparable to you favorite book! That is an honor in itself! :) Also, the more different the name is, the more likely it will stay on someone's mind, and that is exactly what you want as a author... a name and charactor worth talking about! Keep it up, and keep up the hope. You made a book that is worth reading, don't let one person second guess your AWESOME ability to write and captivate an audience. (Hope you don't care about my lengthy comment! I am just so excited for your book, and that you are going to be published!! :) That is so exciting!). :)

Kimi said...

I don't think it was a mediocre review; I thought it was a good review. And way to have a review! That in and of itself is awesome! It was quite a detailed description of the book, but it TOTALLY made me want to finish it (which I wanted to do, anyway). A+, girl, you're on your way to being FAMOUS!!!!!!!

*a side note - baby's still not even tried to make an appearance. Her due date is tomorrow. Bleh. *

Dena said...

Yay! I love that he said it would appeal to Twilight fans. I thought the same thing when I started reading it. You are so amazing. How fun to be a professionally reviewed author! Congrats!

Kadie said...

Okay I'm trying to come up with something new to say that other people haven't said already... Because I totally agree with all of them. First of all, I totally still want to read the book. And yes, the person (I'm going for guy) said too much, but it still makes you want to read it. And of course I'm not disappointed, you SILLY.

I would totally look over the good things it said and look for the bad things too. I do that when I get my students' evaluations back at the end of the semester. Then I have to remind myself that I'm a good teacher and that there's 20 good comments to 1 bad. Anyways, this isn't about me, it's about you. I thought the review was great and once again, you were compared to an amazing author. Hmmm, that must make you amazing too. :)