Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first reviews!

Ok, folks. The Gifted has been out in the wild for a little over a week now. A few of you have gotten your hands on its goodness, and already the reviews are starting to trickle in.

Allie Burke reviewed The Gifted on her blog, and you can read that here. I've also had a few reviews on Goodreads, and you can see those here. One reader is going to post a review on Amazon, so that will probably be up later today.

Thank you everyone for reading the book, enjoying it (so far), and taking the time to review it. As an author, I can't tell you how much I appreciate readers taking the time to share their thoughts and feelings on a book. It makes all the effort worth it when someone says they stayed up late, just to finish the book! And for the record, I've had 3 people say that so far. :)

Yeah, I'm on cloud nine at this point.

I have been interviewed for a few blogs, and I'll give you more details as they become available. For now, plan on catching me at From The Shadows on April 21st. Pin It


Maggie said...

That's a glowing review Deborah. You should be proud!

Dena said...

I just got my copies in the mail! As soon as I get done commenting about it, I am going to go and rip the package open so I can start reading! I can't wait!

(And yes, all those exclamation points mean that I am shouting!)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm waiting for my copy to arrive. Once I've read and reviewed, and if you're interested, I'd love to do an interview with you on my blog!

Maura said...

Those are great! I just got mine and can't wait to finish it so I can review too!! :D

Feliz Family Postings said...

ok, I have to admit that at first I bought the Gifted because my granddaughter wrote it, I am not into science fiction so I really did not think I would really get into this book but I wanted to support Deborah, well guess what, I have not been able to put the book down and I am truly enjoying it. I am so glad that I have the book and I can truly tell people they need to read it.