Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Tell Me

So, I'm being featured today on From the Shadows. As part of the interview, I was asked who I would cast to play the leads in my book. Head over to see my answers there - and leave a comment please!

I've done a little more thinking, and I've decided on a Pyper.

Rachel Hurd-Wood. Um, perfect! Seriously? Perfect.

And for Kael? I'm still undecided, because I haven't seen an actor that I just knew looked like him. But I think...

Logan Lerman might just do the trick. (He'll probably need contacts to make his eyes green, though.)

So, that's who I've chosen for my main leads. But, that only shows you that I have limited access to young actors.

Tell me who you think should be cast to play Pyper, Kael, Baler, Raven or Summer. I really would love to know! Who is your dream cast for The Gifted? Pin It


Allie said...

Deborah, they're perfect! Seriously. Love them both for the main leads.

Dena said...

They are exactly how I imagined them! Great choices :)

Maura said...

I like them lots! how fun! great interview!!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

What a great question to ask. ~Kimberlee,

Talia Jager said...

Great interview! Your book is on my TBR list. Sounds like something right up my alley. Love the actors you picked :)