Friday, March 11, 2011

Dragging my feet through mud.

Last night it rained. With the rain, came horrible wind. With the horrible wind, came a jolting crash. Upon inspection, my husband found that our back gate had torn off it's hinges, crashed against the house, and smashed against the drain pipe.

It was nearly 11 o'clock, rainy and windy,and we were out there (in the mud) trying to fix the gate. At one point, I tried to take a step back, but I was stuck. I'd been standing so long in one place, I'd sunk enough that I didn't notice, but enough that I couldn't take a step.

It was cold and miserable. For a split second I debated leaving my boot in the mud and running inside. Instead I tugged and pulled until I was free, then danced around in the snow to generate some body heat and clean my boots.

Changing gears.

I devour books. Most of you will know what that's like. I read a book in a day or two. Three if I'm really busy. I'm just a fast reader and the master of reading while I cook dinner.

There is a book that I have been  reading for a month. A month! OK, that's an exaggeration. It's only been about three weeks. But in book years that's like months. The story isn't interesting, the writing is confusing, the characters are always yelling at each other. I literally dread picking it up. But I have an obligation. I have to read this book because it was sent to me for the sole purpose of reviewing.

I have literally been trudging through this book for weeks, and I'm only on page 45. That's about 1/4 of the way done, and I have to read and review this book by the end of the week to meet my deadline.

I feel like I did last night. I'm stuck in the mud of this book, and for more than a split second I've debated leaving a review that says, "I can't even finish this!"

On the other hand, I'm an author. I know what it's like to pour my heart and soul into a book in hopes that someone else will appreciate the story as much I do. As an author, I would literally be devastated if someone told me my hard work was too terrible to even finish.

So, for the sake of the author, and in hopes of finding the gem hidden within, I'm going to pull my boot out of the mud and keep reading. Pin It


Anonymous said...

I hate books like that. Some of them, though, turn into the best things ever. I hated 'The Help' for the first quarter, but then ended up loving it to pieces. Good luck with your not-so-page-turner!

Deborah A. said...

That's actually good to know because I want to read The Help. I'm glad you warned me. You've given me new hope for my not-so-page-turner. :)

Evie said...

It's really sad that you can not enjoy the book sent to you for reviewing..
Just like you, I think it's good to give a book a chance, even though sometimes it feels like being stuck in a mud. I hope the book will get better and in the end you won't regret picking it up!
Good luck!

Dena said...

I've read a few books like that. But fortunately, I'm not an author and I don't review books, so I had no obligation to finish them. Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

That's a tough job. I have had to do that also and it's mind numbingly dreary. Takes the joy of reading right out of it. Good for you trudging through it though. I'm gonna follow to see how it works out. Feel free to come visit me for some serious nonsense :)