Monday, March 28, 2011

The Gifted is Now Available for Purchase

I want to feel happy. I really do. My book is now released for all to read! So why do I have emotions other than pure joy coursing through my veins?

1. My son was up all. night. long. coughing and sneezing. Poor kid is sick and that is never fun for moms. Especially moms who are trying to get everything in order to release a book at midnight. That aside, though, it's a constant battle between am I doing too little or too much? Should I let him cry it out or put him in bed with me? Does he need Tylenol or a breathing treatment...or neither? Kids don't come with how-to manuals. And because he isn't sleeping well, he got up bright and early this morning.

2. Though my book is now available...but it isn't available on yet. Why? I don't know. I think it's because Amazon likes to have the books on hand so they can ship them via 2 day shipping or next day. I think I'll have to wait until Amazon has a shipment of books before The Gifted will be available on their website. (I have a query in to the publisher and I'll get answers soon. I hope.)

Would this have been good information to know beforehand? You betcha. I could have planned accordingly and not spread the word that fans and readers could get their hands on a copy on March 28th. So, I'm a little frustrated, dog tired, and nursing a sick little boy back to health.

Chocolate for breakfast, anyone? Don't mind if I do.

And please, don't think just because The Gifted isn't on Amazon you can't buy it. You can purchase it now if you'd like! And I'd love it if you did. Buy your copy here and make one tired momma a very happy woman.

If you've already purchased a copy (I know some of you have!) let me know and I will publicly sing your praises and kiss your feet! Hypothetically speaking, of course. Pin It


Allie said...

I just have to tell you, the cover is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. Can't wait to read it!!!

Deborah A. said...

Thanks Allie. I'll tell my designer. We spent HOURS on it, and I didn't spend nearly as much time on it as she did. It got to the point where she was dreaming in embellishments and I was shocked to see my own face in the mirror and not Pyper's. :)

Maggie said...

Do you have an author page on Amazon? You can set one up pretty easily and then they're really good about answering your questions via email. Hopefully your pub will get back to you and let you know what's up, so people can get their hands on that book via Amazon!
Sorry about the sick kiddo. Hope he gets better soon.

Nicole said...

I bought it almost the second it came out because I'm so excited to read it!

I hope your cute little guy feels better soon!

Hugs from me for both of you! Mommy needs them just as much as the little cuties do. :)

Feliz Family Postings said...

I got mine in the mail today whoop whoop, I am so excited and so proud to see my granddaughter's name as the author, you don't know how many buttons I have popped.

love you

Feliz Family Postings said...

Emmet just made off with my copy so I have ordered 3 more from this site instead of Amazon.