Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reaching out

Since I am in charge of marketing my book, I have to be a little creative. I found this article on that has been really helpful. It has 7 easy things to do to promote your book.

The one I am really excited about is getting someone to review my book. I stumbled across an article on that talked about how important it is to have your book reviewed by a top reviewer from their program. It gave some tips and advice on how to approach reviewers. I was so surprised. You mean, you want me to email them? By myself?!

Well, duh. Who else is going to do it?

So, I've been doing research. Long story very short, I found some awesome reviewers and I've contacted them to see if they're interested in reading The Gifted. I've already received one response. A big fat YES! Awesome! Now I'm just waiting on some of the others.

One reviewer specifically says she will not review self published books. But I sent her an email with my credentials (a review from publisher's weekly) and the book synopsis. I asked her if she would reconsider. The worst she can do is say no. And if she does say no, that's totally fine. She was completely up front about her policy, so it's not like I can expect special treatment.

Anyone else have any ideas on promoting The Gifted?

PS. There will be some giveaways. I plan on hosting one here and on Goodreads. Pin It

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