Friday, February 25, 2011

Review: Nobody's Prize by Esther Friesner

*Sequel to Nobody's Princess*

Princess Helen of Sparta manages to make her way aboard The Argo, with the help of her best friend Milo, disguised as a boy and hiding from her older brothers - who are also aboard the legendary ship. She forges new friendships, falls in love, discovers Hercules has fallen in love with her (as a boy), and suffers heart-wrenching tragedies. Along the way she discovers one painful truth: people aren't always what they seem.

Nobody's Prize is not a particularly long book, but there is so much action packed into it that I felt like I'd traveled so far, only to discover I was merely 20 pages into the book.

Helen seemed a little to unobservant at times for my taste, but at others she was quick witted and cunning. She nearly managed to think her way out of every problem she got herself into (and there were a lot), and the ones she couldn't think her way out of, she just used her sword.

Helen seems a very capable and human heroine. She manages to wear many faces during the book and slips into each mask perfectly. Helen is truly a wonder.

There was one detail about the ending that I was disappointed with, but I see why it had to be that way.

Good read. A little bit of language, some suggestive references, as well as homosexuality.

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