Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: The Light Bearer's Daughter by O.R. Melling

Twelve year old Dana lives in Ireland with her Canadian father. Her mother disappeared when Dana was just three years old. Her father, Gabe, decides it's time they move back to his homeland, and Dana is sent into a fury thinking when she realizes leaving means losing all hope that they'll ever find her mother. Suddenly a strange young woman appears and gives her a mission. Deliver a message to King Lugh, a Faerie king, and a wish will be granted.

Dana knows exactly what she wants to wish for. She takes on the mission, "Runs away" from home to find Lugh of the Mountains and tell him an evil has entered the Land. Where is the light?

Along her way Dana is met with insurmountable obstacles. But don't worry, every time she is met with a terrifying challenge, someone else is there to rescue the girl.

The Light Bearer's Daughter is Book 3 in the Chronicles of Faerie. The books are written so they can be read in any order. I read Book 2 a few years ago and loved it. I have always kept Melling's name at the back of my mind and finally rediscovered her. I have yet to read Book 1.

I found the first half of the book difficult to get into. It took me about a week to read the first 150 pages. I finished the second half in one day.

The descriptions of Faerie land were fabulous. They were fantastical and frank, which made them so believable. The characters were well developed.

There are religious undertones (which don't bother me at all). There is also a lot of tree hugging (literally) and a PETA type feel to some parts. I don't mind any of this, but if it bothers you, perhaps you might want to read something else.

I think one of the reasons it was so hard for me to get into the book was the story is fairly mature. Even the secondary characters are all adults. The main character, however, is only twelve years old. She acts and thinks age appropriately (though at times slipping into a mind set I never would have had at 12), which sometimes makes the story disjointed. Here you have a girl traversing the mountains in search of a king, facing demons and shadows, outwitting a clan of boggles and deciphering the mystery of a fae woman who is sometimes a magnificent Lady, sometimes the (literal) ghost of a young drowned woman...and yet she cries out, "Mama!" a lot.

I gave The Light Bearer's Daughter 4 stars. Once I was able to get into it, the story kept me intrigued. It is an interesting read for anyone who loves stories of Fae. 
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